youngest user of an ipad ;)


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Just kidding, she’s just randomly waving around creating a natural pattern. I don’t think they even have any concept of music at that age πŸ™‚

Kudos to Steve Jobs / Apple for such an elegantly simple device! (and of course the creators of this beautiful and free ipad Xylophone app)

short video clip


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This video of thangi-paapa was made by Abhinav, who has a lot of interest in photography and off late in videography as well πŸ™‚ Since his infancy, I’ve never hesitated too much in allowing him to handle any hi-tech equipment. On his part, he’s well reciprocated my trust and hasn’t damaged anything. Only once he dropped my mobile so far, and that ended up fixing a key that hadn’t been working earlier!! :mrgreen: He’s quite dextrous in picking up the usage of any new device now. Sometimes people are so afraid to let children handle anything, so he’s one bit of evidence that its not such a bad idea after all! πŸ˜‰

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thangi paapa at 2 weeks


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She’s sleeping most of the time. In the first week, we were worried about whether it was a bit too much. She would just open her eyes enough to feed a little bit, and then doze off even before completing the feed. Sometimes the milk would run out of her nose and mouth because she’d fall asleep before even swallowing properly! We were a bit worried at first, and later found on the net that its a normal thing after all with many babies. The lactation classes in the maternity hospital proved to be quite helpful actually. One of the techniques is to wake up the baby* and ensure she feeds completely before dozing off, since otherwise it could affect her eating habits and health.
* by gently tapping on the soles of her feet πŸ™‚

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an affectionate brother


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He proved to be a very affectionate, caring, sensitive and trusting brother, a lot more than we’d anticipated.

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youtube operator


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Advantages of dual monitor πŸ™‚

Advantages of dual monitor πŸ™‚ I’ve used the “Extend Display” option.

There was an old photo of him when he was a little baby when we was sitting on my lap watching my comp! Now he operates his own youtube cartoons!

Initially I was wondering if he’d get addicted to this, but still didn’t restrict him too much. Esp he was obsessive about the games on the ipad2! Now, as I ‘d hoped, he just has interest occasionally and has not got particularly addicted to anything. By the time I typed in the comments, he’s already off youtube onto a notebook, and finished a page full of cartoons and got onto the next page already πŸ™‚

Today we spent a lot of quality time together playing and laughing and roaming around in the car along with Anand and Sharat. I also got him coconut ice-cream at Naturals in Malleswaram (the flavors and quality they have there are just amazing!) followed by a burger at McDonalds and a sun-dried tomato soup at Cafe Pascucci (though I ended up having most of the soup).

No wonder he opted to come with me instead of staying at his granny’s house tonight πŸ˜‰ So its just the two of us at home. I plan to take him swimming tomorrow hopefully if its sunny enough in the morning, before dropping him off home and heading to work.

a new companion


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Since a long time Abhinav has been asking when will October come? But our new friend didn’t seem to be bothered about the calendar month! Who decides whether its 2 months earlier, or a few days later than the expected date? Is it due to the mother’s psychological or physical conditions? Or is it a decision initiated by some mysterious biological trigger within the baby?

Expected arrival was in the first week of October, but as Abhinav said “It’s October today!”

In the morning, Vijetha had a bit of pain at around 7 am. Now I’m NOT an early morning person, and for a moment I half-wished she’d just get back to sleep! But the next moment I was all up and mildly panicky. We suspected that it might be a false warning and she even hesitated to call the doctor for a while. Then when the pain persisted every half an hour for a minute, we called up the doctor and explained it to him. She seemed to be perfectly normal, and then suddenly have this intense pain for a few moments, and then get back to normal again.

The doctor asked us to come to the hospital at 9 AM. But as frequency and intensity kept gradually increasing, we freshened up and were there around 8:30 AM. The baby was out at 9:18 am and by 9:40 or so we were relaxing at our ward.
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a small baby in the driveway


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This morning there was a small baby in our apartment parking space in the basement. He seemed to be almost same age as Abhinav. He was just sitting there right in the path where vehicles would come down the slope around the corner.

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what's he up to?


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Now he has his own Abhinav’s online video channel… clicking on the Broadcasts tab takes you to live coverage if any – you can email his dad if you’d like to be notified…

sleeping habits of a baby


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Sometime back we had dinner with a German couple with their baby at our house, it was really a lovely evening. And first time I heard anybody who has tried the Ferber method… they said they were pretty succesful at it…

I had read about this earlier, but read it again. It may not be practical in India bcos atleast I dont hear of anybody having a seperate room for a child esp at such an early age.

The Ferber method demystified

One of the related links I really liked is this one – looks like we follow it to a certain extent … I usually start with a conventional story, but when he’s still not asleep i keep on extending it and it feels nice to tell the story – and I’m going back to my school days of creative writing πŸ™‚

Establishing a bedtime routine with your baby