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Posted by msanjay | Posted in baby | Posted on 06-10-2011

Advantages of dual monitor 🙂

Advantages of dual monitor 🙂 I’ve used the “Extend Display” option.

There was an old photo of him when he was a little baby when we was sitting on my lap watching my comp! Now he operates his own youtube cartoons!

Initially I was wondering if he’d get addicted to this, but still didn’t restrict him too much. Esp he was obsessive about the games on the ipad2! Now, as I ‘d hoped, he just has interest occasionally and has not got particularly addicted to anything. By the time I typed in the comments, he’s already off youtube onto a notebook, and finished a page full of cartoons and got onto the next page already 🙂

Today we spent a lot of quality time together playing and laughing and roaming around in the car along with Anand and Sharat. I also got him coconut ice-cream at Naturals in Malleswaram (the flavors and quality they have there are just amazing!) followed by a burger at McDonalds and a sun-dried tomato soup at Cafe Pascucci (though I ended up having most of the soup).

No wonder he opted to come with me instead of staying at his granny’s house tonight 😉 So its just the two of us at home. I plan to take him swimming tomorrow hopefully if its sunny enough in the morning, before dropping him off home and heading to work.

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