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Since a long time Abhinav has been asking when will October come? But our new friend didn’t seem to be bothered about the calendar month! Who decides whether its 2 months earlier, or a few days later than the expected date? Is it due to the mother’s psychological or physical conditions? Or is it a decision initiated by some mysterious biological trigger within the baby?

Expected arrival was in the first week of October, but as Abhinav said “It’s October today!”

In the morning, Vijetha had a bit of pain at around 7 am. Now I’m NOT an early morning person, and for a moment I half-wished she’d just get back to sleep! But the next moment I was all up and mildly panicky. We suspected that it might be a false warning and she even hesitated to call the doctor for a while. Then when the pain persisted every half an hour for a minute, we called up the doctor and explained it to him. She seemed to be perfectly normal, and then suddenly have this intense pain for a few moments, and then get back to normal again.

The doctor asked us to come to the hospital at 9 AM. But as frequency and intensity kept gradually increasing, we freshened up and were there around 8:30 AM. The baby was out at 9:18 am and by 9:40 or so we were relaxing at our ward.

If you can’t see the pictures below (esp if you’re on iPhone/iPad) please click on this link.

Based on earlier experience, this time I’m glad we picked the right hospital, where the dad can be a part of the delivery. The doctor had assured me that whether it was a Caesarian or a normal delivery, I’d be there in the room.

Some more details about this in another post. But to summarize, I’d say its something no father should miss. (I hope as a culture we Indians get over this medieval aspect of the father not being allowed!) All the occasional days on and off that I’ve spent in silence, was not just ‘some hobby’. It came to my aid in this extremely demanding situation. I was able to maintain a deep sense of peace and wonder. At times a light sense of humor helped change Vijetha’s pain to a smile, well atleast for a while! It definitely gave her that little extra psychological grounding that made a lot of difference. I was completely satisfied and for the entire day had a euphoric feeling as if I was floating on a cloud!

Abhinav had a cold and slight fever that he’d got just the day before. So instead of staying with me at home as planned earlier, I felt it was better he stayed with Vijetha’s mom at her home. So that night I ended up staying at the hospital as attendant.

On the one hand this was not such a good idea after all because if it had been my mother-in-law, Vijetha would get her much needed sleep except for feeding. My in-law would’ve handled most of the other interruptions. But I was more or less lost every time not knowing what to do! For that night, I could change myself to become a light sleeper instead of the usual heavy sleeper. And sometimes it was a real challenge fighting off sleep after a tiring day, every time the baby needed some attention.

There were a lot of brighter sides of course. Walking up and down at some 3 or 4 AM carrying her getting her to sleep was really cool. I felt a real bond with her. She had some heavy breathing at times, and whenever I carried her, she’d breathe much easier. So it was well worth relinquishing the deep attachment towards my own drowsiness, to take care of somebody else instead! I guess this is what mothers go through a lot of the time!

At the end of the day, we’re all participants of this amazing biological process called the human experience.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~ Teilhard de Chardin

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Congratulation. 🙂

And may god bless little angel and her family.


Congratulations Dear Sanjay & Vijetha

Thank you Sanjay for your caring and sharing the experience.

18 years back i too underwent the similar experience, you are lucky that you got a Good Dr and Hospital

Delivery was assisted by a Nurse and a Junior Dr it was 2 am. Dr was nervous as he was not exposed; thanks to Experienced Nurse delivery was smooth.

I was lucky (thanks to inexperienced Dr and the timing of delivery) I was present in the Delivery room at that moment.

Today my son is 18+ years, is studying MBBS 2nd year, we have explained him no of times.

Thank you for taking back in to memory lane

best wsihes to the new baby and the whole family

Manjunath & Family


Congrats Sanju. I can see by the tender descriptions of your daughter and the experience of her birth, she will be DADDY’S GIRLLLLL

Girls hold special places in dad’s hearts. Take care. Enjoy your little princess and let us know what name you decide to give her.

As usual, a mesmerizing description from one of my most admired poets and writers !! I get carried away into your world every-time i read your narrations, and could feel myself there with you sharing the experiences with this mysterious celestial being who has come down to become my niece….

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