thangi paapa at 2 weeks


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She’s sleeping most of the time. In the first week, we were worried about whether it was a bit too much. She would just open her eyes enough to feed a little bit, and then doze off even before completing the feed. Sometimes the milk would run out of her nose and mouth because she’d fall asleep before even swallowing properly! We were a bit worried at first, and later found on the net that its a normal thing after all with many babies. The lactation classes in the maternity hospital proved to be quite helpful actually. One of the techniques is to wake up the baby* and ensure she feeds completely before dozing off, since otherwise it could affect her eating habits and health.
* by gently tapping on the soles of her feet 🙂

In week 2, she’s proved to be a bit more active!

We brought her home for the first time today this afternoon! Only temporarily, she was back at her granny’s place in the evening.

We still haven’t figured out a name for her yet, well what’s the tearing hurry anyway 🙂

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Amazing to see so much growth already !

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