a small baby in the driveway


Posted by appa | Posted in baby | Posted on 09-09-2009

This morning there was a small baby in our apartment parking space in the basement. He seemed to be almost same age as Abhinav. He was just sitting there right in the path where vehicles would come down the slope around the corner.

I enquired and found she belongs to the sweeper lady. I suggested she move him to some other safer place, she totally agreed but said he was being a stubborn fellow wanting to sit right there. She tried to move him again but he didn’t budge. This time she’d had it, she lifted the 4 inch thick handle of the broom she was holding in her other hand as if to strike him. I didn’t know whether she was threatening him or not, but I didn’t want to find out either and yelled that she stop. (She did seem to be mad at him enough to hit him!). I asked him what he wanted, she said he wanted to ride on a bike. So I started up my bike again, and took him around the parking space.

Atlast that sulky face had changed to a smiling one, a really lovely smile that lit up my heart as I dropped him off near her and went to park my bike again. It takes so little to make a kid happy!

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