simulating power cut


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This fellow has an obsession with keeping the light at night – yeah even if its close to midnight. Not even a small zero bulb will do, it has to be the bright energy saving coiled tubelight.

One might think he’s got some phobia of darkness of something but no he’s just playing around!

Apart from it being an annoyance to poor Appa trying to sleep (Amma can manage even with it) – it also causes him to stay awake for much longer (and so much for Amma’s sleep). So Appa had this ‘bright’ idea one night…

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meet his friend, Handy


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Handy is an animated puppet character Appa had invented around half a year ago once when Abhinav had been crying. It had been a big hit, and Handy’s been around since then. At first Appa prompted Abhinav – tell Handy what to do… tell him to jump – and he’d say Jump, Handy! and Handy would jump! ‘kai mele baa, Handy’ (‘Walk on my hand, Handy’), and Handy would walk on the palm of his hand, which never failed to get out a giggle ๐Ÿ˜‰ This also turned out to be a fun way to encourage him to speak esp in the initial days (though he’s quite verbose now!)

Handy’s also helped occasionally in holding his attention till he falls asleep, else he’d be running off every few minutes on all kinds of ‘errands’ – yeah even if it was midnight!

Off late his game has been to lift Handy high up and throw him down ‘DAMAAAAR’ (sound effects) but Handy maintains that it didn’t fall down but just jumped down and regained its balance ๐Ÿ˜›

There toys with various names have come and gone over time, but Handy’s stayed around for a while…

funtime is everytime


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This post was prompted by: Games puttachi plays

“Appa muugu thogothini” (I am taking dad’s nose) and snatches my nose from my face. Then he pretends to hold it and does all kinds of things with it.

appa muugna fanige haakbute … (I put appa’s nose into the fan!) …”drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr antha thirigbuDtu” (it spinning drrrrrrrr)

appa muugna dabuk! antha neerig haakbuTe (i put appa’s nose ‘dabuk!’ into the water

appa muugnaaaa appa muugnaaaa… and he speculates while holding appa’s nose in his hand… mixiege haakbuTe … drrrr drrrr drrrrrrrr

And if I’m standing up he makes me bend down and take my nose!

We find that this game really helped build up his vocabulary significantly because he always used the words he’d learnt about objects around him, to do different things with ‘appa muugu’

He takes a hanky and starts spinning it around ‘drrrr… drr….’ and says ‘amma amma chaLi chaLi antha heLu’ (amma amma say that you’re feeling cold!)

As you might guess… ‘drrrrrr’ imitating the kitchen food mixer is his favorite sound ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was during the few months we were in Germany, when he had started interacting freely with strangers. While travelling in a bus/train in Germany, the Germans usually are silent and expressionless. But this guy he just looks around and waits to catch someone’s eye and starts off. And they just can’t help reciprocating, and he makes that bus journey a party time. I’ve not seen them interacting with German kids the way they interact with him!

He goes and hides somewhere and says ‘naanu bachitkondidini’ (I’m hiding) and then 2 seconds later bursts out saying ‘illidni!’ (I’m here!)

to be continued…

sleeping habits of a baby


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Sometime back we had dinner with a German couple with their baby at our house, it was really a lovely evening. And first time I heard anybody who has tried the Ferber methodโ€ฆ they said they were pretty succesful at itโ€ฆ

I had read about this earlier, but read it again. It may not be practical in India bcos atleast I dont hear of anybody having a seperate room for a child esp at such an early age.

The Ferber method demystified

One of the related links I really liked is this one – looks like we follow it to a certain extent โ€ฆ I usually start with a conventional story, but when he’s still not asleep i keep on extending it and it feels nice to tell the story – and I’m going back to my school days of creative writing ๐Ÿ™‚

Establishing a bedtime routine with your baby