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He proved to be a very affectionate, caring, sensitive and trusting brother, a lot more than we’d anticipated.

He talks to her regularly, including any complaints he has against us! 😈 And she seems to really listen when he speaks!

Yeah sometimes he’s a bit too affectionate!!

We had a hard time keeping him at a safe distance. On day #1 of her birth, he had a cold and we tried to keep him at a distance all day due to fear of an infection. He wasn’t too happy about it and started turning a bit more rough and assertive. We tried to balance his antagonism with his enthusiasm but it wasn’t easy. Things became easier when the doctor told us not to be too paranoid about an infection inspite of his cold.

But even otherwise, his enthusiasm against such a fragile new born was a constant cause of concern. He wanted to cuddle her, to kiss her, for us to place her in his lap, to sit right next to her (too close for our comfort!)

His grandmother used to lose her patience with him sometimes and shout at him to keep away. His mother would understand him more, and allow him to do what he wanted to a certain extent. Of course he’d always overdo it, quite immune to threats or warnings about not being allowed the next time. After a while of not being disallowed, he’s calmer now and listens and sticks to the rules better.

But we’ve found it quite inspiring how much he thinks about her. Even before she arrived, he’d pick things for her at a shop or a mall whenever we went shopping.

He’s quite defensive and makes this grotesque angry face whenever anybody threatens to take her away. I don’t know why, it seems to be the most common joke every visitor enjoys, to say “I’m taking her to my house and keeping her ok??” and watch his reaction. So finally I had to explain to him that its just a joke and suggested that he just say “Ok take her” and laugh loudly at them. For a change, he actually followed one of my suggestions, and that did solve the problem :mrgreen:

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Interesting… I wonder how things will be to have an elder brother instead of a sister as was in your case.

We were out of town on a nice educational conference and Amma actually participated a little and mostly relaxed in the hotel. We thought of you all and one of the first things was to go online and read the latest happenings… good to know things are going well.

Take care.

Both are so cute

Such beautiful children! And how adorable and mature is your little boy.. I’m impressed! I am expecting my second child and I wish my kids also have this kind of a relationship.. Of late my first born has been quite distant from me.. We used to be very close like the father and son in Tata AiA ad.. if you haven’t watched the video you are missing out.. it shows how trust grows in a relationship. Truly touched my heart. Must watch for all parents. This is the video –

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