writing s d r a w k c a b


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He often writes backwards, he seems to be more comfortable with it. We found some explanation from the good old net that matched what we’ve been thinking… (emphasis mine)
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am I so little?


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Was carrying him down the parking lot when we paused next to the convex mirror that showed our reflection and the entire background in a panaromic view.

“ishteisht idina naanu?!” he exclaimed!

how much blood


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Son got a small pinprick cut today on his finger…

He’d squeeze his finger to see a tiny droplet of blood. After a few minutes, it had clotted.

When he squeezed again no more blood came out, he asked “has all my blood run out?”

abhinav abhinaya


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Abhinav’s trying to argue to prove his point. He had done a lot of mischief, including pushing his mom trying to topple her over. So his mom had said, come let’s do some mallayudda (wrestling). Then he started saying – I’ve injured my hand, and you still want me to wrestle? And got into a prolonged argument where he spoke one of the longest most animated sentences we’ve heard from him to date 🙂

English conversation – attempted


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nowadays he tries to speak more in english 🙂 limited vocabulary is not a limitation when filler sounds are available

meet his friend, Handy


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Handy is an animated puppet character Appa had invented around half a year ago once when Abhinav had been crying. It had been a big hit, and Handy’s been around since then. At first Appa prompted Abhinav – tell Handy what to do… tell him to jump – and he’d say Jump, Handy! and Handy would jump! ‘kai mele baa, Handy’ (‘Walk on my hand, Handy’), and Handy would walk on the palm of his hand, which never failed to get out a giggle 😉 This also turned out to be a fun way to encourage him to speak esp in the initial days (though he’s quite verbose now!)

Handy’s also helped occasionally in holding his attention till he falls asleep, else he’d be running off every few minutes on all kinds of ‘errands’ – yeah even if it was midnight!

Off late his game has been to lift Handy high up and throw him down ‘DAMAAAAR’ (sound effects) but Handy maintains that it didn’t fall down but just jumped down and regained its balance 😛

There toys with various names have come and gone over time, but Handy’s stayed around for a while…

conversation – an invisible connection


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To listen, and not just hear with words or good body language, but with one’s heart and entire  being… is a skill I have a long way to to go learn! 🙂

But for me, a connection with my own self (through practice of daily silence) has definitely helped radically in connecting with others! A good conversation is usually animated and expressive, but at times even if it may look passive, is very active application of tremendous energy!

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JK: hard hitting but relevant talk on education


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(emphasis mine)

Question to JK:

It is the universally accepted conclusion of modern intellectuals that educators have failed. What is, then, the task of those whose function it is to teach the young?

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children learning value of silence


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A video that was posted in this comment on an article on schooling

In our current age, where with our increased access to media – the limitless internet and so many international channels on TV, with good bad and misleading information. There is only a limit to how much supervision and interference adults can do. A child definitely needs – maybe now more than ever – to be in touch with as the video says – “internal compass”.

The Compass: Children learn Mediatation [English]

Total length of the movie is 11 minutes, but above video is a bit incomplete and only around 5 minutes. But the Hindi version is complete.

what's he up to?


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Now he has his own Abhinav’s online video channel… clicking on the Broadcasts tab takes you to live coverage if any – you can email his dad if you’d like to be notified…