finally playing with this toy


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We got this from Germany almost a year ago. It was gifted by a German neighborhood family who became our family friend where we visited each other’s homes on some occasions. They had this wonderful boy called Adrian who was almost the same age as Abhinav. Adrian’s lovely smile just melted Appa, and though its been a while, Appa and Amma remember him like yesterday!

Abhinav’s first encounter with this first friend was an unforgettable moment for us.

This toy is actually supposed to help improve motor skills and maybe even problem solving skills. But so far he’d shown only occasional slight curiosity for it. Its been more of a toy for the neighborhood kids’ gang 🙂

Finally Appa today caught him in a quiet moment where he was exploring this the way it was designed to be!

Just when it got more interesting, video recording got interrupted by a phone call. (Hmm apart from all the pros, this is a real con of combining multiple features in one device! 🙂 )

Pillow mountain


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This is a real fun activity, with lots of permutations and combinations like different kinds of mountains, dismantling them, climbing them, etc. Theyre almost like giant building blocks 😉
But NOT without adult supervision.

Appa was stupid enough to leave him unattended for a short while, and Amma had to save him from a potential fall while he was trying to climb the mountain. Also floor is better than bed.

role playing


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Today was just outrageously funny. My son played the role of Appa and I played role of Abhinav. My son really floored us with his impersonation of me. Today we were both thoroughly impressed! I cried for something, and he consoled me. I said I wanted a Poppins (a small hard boiled colorful confectionary), and he said he’d fight with a Rakshasha and get it for me. Real test was when Vijetha actually gave him his favorite Poppins. He was so true to his role that he actually gave it to me, and asked me to eat it! I thought I’d just give it to him but he made sure I ate it.

Later on when the game was over, he saw that the Poppins was still in my mouth. We asked if he wanted one, yes, he admitted, and we gave him one as well.

games and activities


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This is a link I came across, looks good, probably will work better as he grows older, but well worth bookmarking:

Blossoms Project

meet the animal – Zebra


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Abhinav’s been getting increasingly interested in all kinds of animals, has been learning to identify them. Amma had an idea – we come up with stories for each animal to explain its characteristic.

Just any wild meaningless funny story. He’s more or less shown common sense and sense of humor to differentiate stories from facts – so just any story will do.

Today’s animal is Zebra.

Appa will keep it in mind and come up with some story by bedtime – a few hours (or maybe few more hours…) from now.

Any ideas?

(will later update this post with our story)

meet his friend, Handy


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Handy is an animated puppet character Appa had invented around half a year ago once when Abhinav had been crying. It had been a big hit, and Handy’s been around since then. At first Appa prompted Abhinav – tell Handy what to do… tell him to jump – and he’d say Jump, Handy! and Handy would jump! ‘kai mele baa, Handy’ (‘Walk on my hand, Handy’), and Handy would walk on the palm of his hand, which never failed to get out a giggle 😉 This also turned out to be a fun way to encourage him to speak esp in the initial days (though he’s quite verbose now!)

Handy’s also helped occasionally in holding his attention till he falls asleep, else he’d be running off every few minutes on all kinds of ‘errands’ – yeah even if it was midnight!

Off late his game has been to lift Handy high up and throw him down ‘DAMAAAAR’ (sound effects) but Handy maintains that it didn’t fall down but just jumped down and regained its balance 😛

There toys with various names have come and gone over time, but Handy’s stayed around for a while…

role playing for encouraging better behaviour


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He can sometimes be pretty posessive with food or toys, and then he shouts at other kids if they take anything. Of course – food that he likes like chocolates or chips, he’s quite liberal with his regular meals!

One thing we sometimes do: Appa comes to the hall with a bowl of chips. And then he is watching, Appa says to Amma – I like these chips very much, but I’m going to share it. You too take it, Amma. You too take it, Abhinav.

And later on whenever Abhinav shares something, we make use of the fact that he’s always tuned in to what we’re talking to each other – and then I tell “Vijetha, do you know how nicely Abhinav shared his chips with me, he is such a good boy! I became so happy”

growing a plant


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Idea: Will show Abhinav how to plant a seed in a pot, and water it every day, and watch the plant grow. ‘Menthya’ (small plant) could be a good start, which I used to grow in my school days.

Yet to be implemented, keep forgetting… so today since I’ve written it down wont postpone, and then update details later.

two way story telling


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Even while Jaanamari hadn’t yet left Amma, Appa used to read out stories to him. When he came out and as he grew older and more interactive, we needed to get a lot more stories.

So there soon came a time when he started coming up with his own stories – really short ones, and usually with a violent ending “thoLa banthu … Dummm antha bidoithu” Wolf came … etc etc it fell down DUMM!!

Once when he asked Appa ‘tell me a story’, Appa tried a sudden idea – you tell me a story. He replied ‘no, you tell me a story’. So Appa started with the first few lines of a story, and asked – ‘and then what happened, Abhinav?’. And Abhinav continued…

Over time his stories got less violent and sort of wandering along with no sense of direction and of course got longer. Appa asked questions, or sometimes Appa continued the story for a while, and then asked ‘and then what happened?’ back to him. Eg this one from the 28th of July…

He tells a wolf story – thoLa kathe (in kannada).