role playing for encouraging better behaviour


Posted by appa | Posted in activities, habits | Posted on 19-08-2009

He can sometimes be pretty posessive with food or toys, and then he shouts at other kids if they take anything. Of course – food that he likes like chocolates or chips, he’s quite liberal with his regular meals!

One thing we sometimes do: Appa comes to the hall with a bowl of chips. And then he is watching, Appa says to Amma – I like these chips very much, but I’m going to share it. You too take it, Amma. You too take it, Abhinav.

And later on whenever Abhinav shares something, we make use of the fact that he’s always tuned in to what we’re talking to each other – and then I tell “Vijetha, do you know how nicely Abhinav shared his chips with me, he is such a good boy! I became so happy”

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