two way story telling


Posted by appa | Posted in activities | Posted on 19-08-2009

Even while Jaanamari hadn’t yet left Amma, Appa used to read out stories to him. When he came out and as he grew older and more interactive, we needed to get a lot more stories.

So there soon came a time when he started coming up with his own stories – really short ones, and usually with a violent ending “thoLa banthu … Dummm antha bidoithu” Wolf came … etc etc it fell down DUMM!!

Once when he asked Appa ‘tell me a story’, Appa tried a sudden idea – you tell me a story. He replied ‘no, you tell me a story’. So Appa started with the first few lines of a story, and asked – ‘and then what happened, Abhinav?’. And Abhinav continued…

Over time his stories got less violent and sort of wandering along with no sense of direction and of course got longer. Appa asked questions, or sometimes Appa continued the story for a while, and then asked ‘and then what happened?’ back to him. Eg this one from the 28th of July…

He tells a wolf story – thoLa kathe (in kannada).

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