role playing


Posted by appa | Posted in activities, mischief | Posted on 29-08-2009

Today was just outrageously funny. My son played the role of Appa and I played role of Abhinav. My son really floored us with his impersonation of me. Today we were both thoroughly impressed! I cried for something, and he consoled me. I said I wanted a Poppins (a small hard boiled colorful confectionary), and he said he’d fight with a Rakshasha and get it for me. Real test was when Vijetha actually gave him his favorite Poppins. He was so true to his role that he actually gave it to me, and asked me to eat it! I thought I’d just give it to him but he made sure I ate it.

Later on when the game was over, he saw that the Poppins was still in my mouth. We asked if he wanted one, yes, he admitted, and we gave him one as well.

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