finally playing with this toy


Posted by appa | Posted in activities | Posted on 08-09-2009

We got this from Germany almost a year ago. It was gifted by a German neighborhood family who became our family friend where we visited each other’s homes on some occasions. They had this wonderful boy called Adrian who was almost the same age as Abhinav. Adrian’s lovely smile just melted Appa, and though its been a while, Appa and Amma remember him like yesterday!

Abhinav’s first encounter with this first friend was an unforgettable moment for us.

This toy is actually supposed to help improve motor skills and maybe even problem solving skills. But so far he’d shown only occasional slight curiosity for it. Its been more of a toy for the neighborhood kids’ gang 🙂

Finally Appa today caught him in a quiet moment where he was exploring this the way it was designed to be!

Just when it got more interesting, video recording got interrupted by a phone call. (Hmm apart from all the pros, this is a real con of combining multiple features in one device! 🙂 )

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