when he falls


Posted by msanjay | Posted in habits | Posted on 06-05-2011

In general whenever he falls, we usually don’t pick him up immediately when he falls. This looks a bit harsh initially. It is also a bit more harder on us parents because first impulse is to rush and comfort him when he’s hurt himself.

But he’s learnt to a certain extent to rely on himself to comfort himself.

Of course we don’t just leave him there pick him up only few seconds/minutes later, sometimes we pretend as if nothing has happened at all :

And then after he’s overcome any initial shock, instead of trying to distract him from any injury which seems to be a general strategy, we found it more useful usually to talk to him about it. He’s able to explain with a bit of calmness precisely where he got hit and where it hurts which is quite useful. Also he many times even delights us at times when he takes responsibility for it “I wasn’t looking where I was going so I fell down”

Somewhere I read some beautiful line (maybe you only posted it here I don’t remember), that not only the child is 4 years but even I am a 4 year old parent. So its part of our learning process as well, not that any one approach is better than another.

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