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We got a BSA bicycle + 2 helper wheels for him from some place near Chamarajpet, around a year ago. Brief retrospective about its details…

It was slightly big for him then, but as he could reach the peals, we somehow felt its better he has a bicycle directly rather than tricycle etc. He managed quite well with it and really picked up now he’s quite good at it. Only once he’s fallen down on it so far, even though he cycles independently quite extensively outdoors in the open space + park. He fell once while going down a slope and Vijetha was just one step extra behind him to stop him from falling. It was ok not too bad, and he soon was back in action after that 🙂

Cycle, I don’t think I’m 100% satisfied. Its been quite ok but if I were to buy again, I’d look more at following factors:

– current cycle’s brake is way too hard for evey a 5 year old to squeeze, don’t know if better version is available, but good to try it out. So my son still depends on dad or mom to come running behind in case he starts overspeeding down a slope ! 🙂
– seat is ok I think kids don’t bother about comfort so much
– friction is a bit too high (advantage is that brake is redundant 😉 ) but with a good brake, we should check for smooth spinning of wheels
– small/medium carrier for carrying some playitem is quite useful
– we ddn’t get any battery operated horn/lights would be a waste and I’m glad we didn’t go for any of those things
– future proof cycle that is slightly bigger than required

Considering safety record and that inspite of rough use and his friends borrowing it whenever they came home its still in good condition, I think overall BSA is a good brand except for above mentioned minor glitches (and maybe smoothness can be improved with cycle oil, now that I mention it 🙂 )

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