change in behavior


Posted by appa | Posted in habits | Posted on 19-08-2009

Usually if Abhinav isn’t eating something, one of the techniques occasionally used is to say ‘Appa yella thinbuDuthe, ninag koDode illa’ (Appa is going to finish all your food, won’t give you anything!) And then he gets real wild and angrily shouts at Appa and then snatches his plate and then gobbles the food. He’s quite possessive sometimes about anything, and this is a bad trick I know that capitalises on this, but well its important that he eats and it usually works! We try to be careful that we don’t overuse any particular trick but then it still happens.

Today I noticed a strange twist…

He had left some cereal in a bowl and was playing nearby. One of his favorite games – stuff a hanky into a cup, and remove it and then repeat this forever. I said the same thing again – I’m going to eat everything, won’t leave you anything! He ignored me and continued his game. After a couple of minutes, I noticed a sudden momentary expression of anger in his face! He continued to play. Then he walked up to me and said very softly and politely, “Appa, adanna tin beDa Appa” and then started eating it. Then a further surprise, he offered me one cereal! I said ‘no its fine, I’m very happy you are sharing but I don’t want it, you eat it by yourself’ and he continued eating. Later on he shared another one 🙂

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