the evil geetha-aunty


Posted by appa | Posted in eating | Posted on 19-08-2009

One of the approaches to make him eat his food.

Inspiration for Geetha Aunty comes from seeing an actual mother doing this to a child, but with some exaggeration 😉

The evil Geetha Aunty is lurking around. If any baby dosen’t eat its food, Geetha Aunty comes and catches his hands and feet, and then STUFFS the food down his throat.

Now do you want Amma to feed you nicely, or would you prefer Geetha Aunty?

This has always been an easy decision for him.

But sometimes he says things like ‘Geetha Auntyge paTa paTa antha hoDudbuTu aache taLbudTini’ (I will beat her up and push her out) to which Amma always had counter points like she is stronger than you she cannot do that. And if this effect wore out, we tell him about rumors floating around of bad experiences a lot of kids had with Geetha Aunty.

Now while this approach has helped in him eating, we feel it has also encouraged violence in him.

So past few days – Geetha Aunty stories are more about nice things that Geetha Aunty did for kids who did listen to her. Now he likes her, and still ‘she’ helps to get him to eat 😉

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