simulating power cut


Posted by appa | Posted in sleep | Posted on 20-08-2009

This fellow has an obsession with keeping the light at night – yeah even if its close to midnight. Not even a small zero bulb will do, it has to be the bright energy saving coiled tubelight.

One might think he’s got some phobia of darkness of something but no he’s just playing around!

Apart from it being an annoyance to poor Appa trying to sleep (Amma can manage even with it) – it also causes him to stay awake for much longer (and so much for Amma’s sleep). So Appa had this ‘bright’ idea one night…

Appa switched off the light and went out of the room. And of course Abhinav as usual made a huge fuss and dashed to the switchboard and switched it on again. The light came on but oops went off again. Again he switched it on, oops off again. Several times this happened. (A couple of times he tried some other switch and the light came on… oops it went off by itself before he did anything*) Oh oh – power cut we prompted. But he wasnt convinced and tried to switch it on a couple of times more, and then finally announced – current hoThogide (current has gone). Now he lied down again peacefully and completely forgot about the light, and went on to other interesting topics for a while till he dozed off.

* Shows Appa’s bad reflexes while operating the 2 way switch outside the room.

Appa knows he may not have the luxury of out-thinking Abhinav for too long. Wondering when Abhinav might start questioning why the zero bulb light is still working in a power cut etc. Maybe by then we won’t need this trick 😉

Abhinav, in future when you read this – pls excuse me as it was a necessary evil and for your own (and esp Appa’s) good 😀

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how about turning off the main switch? you dont have to worry aboutyour bad reflexes 😛

ha ha that would be a complete soln Prashanth, but then its too much effort to go ALLLL the way out to the balcony to operate the main switch (and grope around in the dark to turn it back on later on). Also we use other lights.

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