more elaborate drawings…


Posted by msanjay | Posted in activities | Posted on 09-10-2011

Nowadays son’s started more complex drawings – here he drew a heart (which I’d taught as an m + a V) then he added petals to it.

[Radhiakka: why is the heart not smiling big??]

Once he hits upon any pattern, he draws it and erases it and starts all over again several times. The expression for this pattern in each iteration is quite random and once in a way a smile 🙂

Here’s another one…

(Hmm this drawing and erasing board is probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Other toys are used and thrown and forgotten after a while including even the iPad2, but this one’s been a consistent favorite since over 3 years ago when I bought it in Germany. Though I looked, haven’t found one of the same quality in India so far)

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