african tribal dance – graduation day from pre-school


Posted by appa | Posted in activities | Posted on 06-03-2010

Our man graduated from pre-school and danced on the stage for the first time.

It began as a disaster as he started crying when we left him backstage. So it was with some suspense that we were sitting amongst the audience, wondering whether he’d make it or not!

The show started off with unbelievable performance by tiny tots. Excellent set up by Planet Kids!

Planet Kids flight started from karnataka, then Maharashtra dance, then flew abroad to Russia, now in Japan… Abhinav’s part is yet to come…

Will he, won’t he, will he, won’t he…?

Now finally Africa – for tribal dance. I have butterflies in my stomach…

He did it he did it he did it I just don’t believe it maaaannn!! That was so unbelievably stupendously cool! 🙂 We were really touched to see he actually performing on stage like that since the last time I saw him, it was simply amazing!

After probably some coaxing and bribing with lollypops and what not, he must’ve finally got over it 😉 At times he seemed to have some irritation on his nose, maybe the habitual after-effects of a recent cold. I liked the part where he starts looking all around at the lights and the audience while dancing.

(btw a bit of video effects added seem to have gone out of sync after creating the movie with Windows Movie Maker)

He continued even after the song got over, and he literally had to get dragged off the stage! Even after his performance when he joined us with the audience, he insisted he wanted to go back there on stage and continue dancing! Maan he seems to have gotten really hooked on to this… heh heh! 🙂

I’m not that much into dancing myself, but I hope I don’t end up interfering in whatever he wants to do! 🙂

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