Abhinav and his thangi paapa


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Quotes from Abhinav on thangi (little sister) paapa (baby):

One of our neighbors visited the hospital, it seems Abhinav ran to her announcing to the whole floor “My baby came out! My baby came out!!”

Since he had a cold, we were trying to minimise interaction telling him to wait for just 2 or 3 days till his cold gets better.
“SCHOOLIGE KARKONDOGAKKU BIDALLA, YETHKOLAKKU BIDALLA…” they won’t let me carry her, won’t let me take her to school…” he shouts out angrily suddenly. And then in a soft voice, adds “ninagalla thangi baitaairodu” (I’m not shouting at you, little sister”

(Later on the doctor did say that the little baby isn’t THAT vulnerable to a cold, and we shouldn’t unnecessarily be over-cautious about protecting her, at the expense of building up any feelings in Abhinav. But onthe other hand, she did have a bit of hard breathing for quite a while in the night. Well so after that he was allowed to hold her hand and cuddle her for a while, and then he was happy!)

A while after she was born: “look at her hands, so white, oLLe deva tara ide” – look at her hands, so white, it looks like a ghost!

To his granny: “ivattu october” – Its October today!

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