how to feed him – some solutions


Posted by appa | Posted in habits | Posted on 27-05-2009

One sweet solution to this perennial question, someone had suggested this earlier but somewhere we had forgotten, and remembered again later – was to get him to abstain from sweets. No more chocolates, gems, or poppins.

This of course didn’t go well with him – but we had a story – ‘a rakshasha (daemon) came and took it all away’

Sometimes he’d go to the door and shout with pumped fists ‘rakshahsa! chocolate kodu rakshasha!’

But after a day or so of this abstainence, his appetite did pick up. It seems that the strong taste of sweets kind of numbed his tastebuds and prevented him from appreciating anything else.

Of course, later on there were times when we’d say ‘chennagi uuta maaDu, shakti baruthe, rakshashainda chocolate kithkobahudu’ (eat well, you’ll become strong, you can snatch the chocolates back from the rakshasha! And once in a way, we’d give him just one gems/poppins.

Another solution:

Appa bandhu thinbuDuthe(appa is going to come and eat it…!).

This seems to work quite well off late.

And I have to theaten to eat it and warn him “ABHINAV! thinbeDa abhinaaav!!!” and he gulps it down. Later on I even add “nidhaaanake nungbeDa abhinav” (don’t swallow it slowwly) and he swallows it slowly and then says “nidhaanake nungbuTe.

He likes this playacting so much that sometimes comes and calls me at mealtime and says “appa, nanag beku, nanag beku antha heLu” (appa, say you want it) and later on “appa, aLu appa!” (appa, cry!)

Earlier I used to feel concerned whether these are the wrong approaches to fulfil the objective… but over time I’ve felt he has a good sense of humor and dosen’t take anything too seriously – so its all right 😉

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