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Considering that Laliamma was going off to the US, Abhinav’s Appa and Amma were in no mood to have any kind of birthday party and had decided to just have a small get-together at home itself with family members and a few neighboring kids. Then Appa thought well we might as well call this one more friend, and that one more family, and so on and since we can use the terrace for free we might as well have it there instead of at home as it would be more spacious… and so on…

Eventually, it turned out to be a slightly bigger gathering, with some kids (and their parents) finally invited at the last moment!

Special thanks to Bellur for the nice photos he clicked.

Also since there was space anyway, we might also invite some friends from Samarthanam for the Blind as well. But they had gone to the US for another program, so redirected us to Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy For the Blind. They weren’t too inclined to come the very next day, but after some consideration and discussion amongst themselves, they finally did agree.

Food was arranged by Nammoora Hotel, where they would come and deliver the food as well. They’d bring their own containers, and provide their own plates and spoons as well, and take everything back later… Their price was nominal but service was very convenient!

We had scheduled everything for 11 AM, and at 10:45 AM and nobody had turned up, not even the students of the school. We were wondering what was going to happen next. Suddenly everything happened all at once. The school turned up and we started feeling a little disappointed that the academy kids are ready for a performance (they had come with costume et al) and nobody is there to see them! Then Shruthi and Bellur’s families turned up as well, and this put our hearts to peace. While a lot of others who’d promised to come weren’t yet there, we felt that even an audience of these few people who’d really appreciate the performance, the purpose would be served 🙂 In any case, by the time we set up everything and started, a lot of others were there and we just got going!

The dance of the kids of Maharishi academy was so outstandingly professional, that really I wished we’d provided a bigger audience, and better speakers! (They had brought their own) Their last dance was with lit candles, and it was almost sort of scarily mesmerizing, to see the way they all handled the lit lamps and synchronized their moves without even the slightest of errors. Abhinav and some of his friends sat right in the first row and watched the whole dance with a lot of interest, and that alone made all our efforts of organizing all this completely worthwhile!

We finally thanked each of the dancers for their superlative performance. Along with the stipulated monetary contribution of Rs 5500 that they charged, gave an additional amount to ensure that each of them would get some gift. (We had spent quite a bit of time shopping for something for them earlier but couldn’t identify anything appropriate). We hope they get a lot more opportunities to be a part of mainstream society!

Later the cake and lunch followed. Abhinav had a grand time opening one of the biggest gifts he’d received – a tent from his uncle Anand-mama! I assigned assembling the tent together as a project to several older kids who were around, and that engaged them and Abhinav for well over an hour in his room, while the adults chatted around in the hall. I spent some quiet time spent roaming around outdoors with Poppa my uncle, who’d visited our house for the first time. He loved the nature and greenery around and it made him nostalgic about his native place Kollegala near Mysore. We decided we should go visit it once some weekend.

With many friends and family, it was eventful, fun filled, and memorable day! Apart from our son, we’re four year old parents as well. We have learnt a lot from our little Zen master, and we are grateful to the light and love that he fills our lives with! We love many things about him but most of all his curious questioning nature, and his sense of humor!

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Dear Sanju,

your words –

“We have learnt a lot from our little Zen master, and we are grateful to the light and love that he fills our lives with! We love many things about him but most of all his curious questioning nature, and his sense of humor!”

Yes – Why don’t you have some more Zen Masters? If you can spare one or two, I will take them to keep Mysoremath on the move with ETs for a better world.

Nice running commentary and your encouraging ‘visually impaired’ (don’t call them BLIND – it is crude and during your next visit to Shree Ramanamaharshi etc., tell them to change the name of their academy as Ramana….. for the Visually Impaired) dancers.

Nice running commentary and I sensed it like IPL.

All the best and love to Abhi and Vijeta

Vasanthkumar Mysoremaths

Wow Sanju ! You are such a talented writer… I enjoyed reading the desc very much ! Miss you !

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