The lemon tart


Posted by amma | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-06-2011

Appa and Abhinav were at a bakery, Abhinav wanted ice cream but settled for a lemon tart which looked just like an ice cream. they both sat on the stone bench and Abhinav loved the tart. Abhinav, asked appa – do you know you can eat the cup as well? appa played along, exclaiming “is it?? it looked like paper!!” and so on

Abhinav asked “appa, you know it’s an edible biscuit, right ?”

Appa was surprised. “yes, I was just joking along with you” he replied.

few moments of silence.

“drama king” Abhinav exclaimed loudly.

Appa burst into laughter, so much that a couple of neighboring girls paused their gossip ing to stare curiously at this man and this kid.

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