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A follow up on this post on questions, though Abhinav hasn’t been posing too many questions yet, something related…

oh boy there are times esp when during a phase Abhinav would absolutely REFUSE to take his clothes off for a bath. He would say “idde baTTe bEKU” and throw a grand tantrum if anyone tried to enforce. And some days it would be inevitable and there would be a really bad scene of a flood of tears and… you know… the works! To the point where neighbors might wonder what kind of cruel people his care takers must be.

There was a couple of other times when after his bath, he insisted on wearing the same clothes as before (not particularly his favorite, any clothes he’d wore became his ‘favorite’ for that day) and he had ended up wearing the clothes even though they had become wet.

There was one time when Appa even had him have his bath with his clothes on.

That bad.

So Appa came up with one story: ondh spider kathe gottha? (do you know the story of a spider?) (as he’d been fascinated by spiders off late) Ondh spider ittu… oDADthaithhu… baaglu mel hoithu… gODe mel hoithu… alli illi yella KaDe oDADkonDu… ee shirt mele banthu. (Appa’s wrist was acting as spider) Amele… spider kakka maaDbuDtu… ayyayya shirt yella galeej aagoithu… avaaga… paapa shirt na bicchi (appa started removing shirt) ammaage koTTu ‘amma washing machine ge haakbuDamma clean aaguthe’ antha heLthu. (and so all his clothes finally came off, without the slightest fuss, and with him fully immersed in the story).

Of course this wasn’t necessary everyday, and after a week or so we forgot about this story. Or atleast, Appa forgot. Once Appa hadn’t yet had his bath. Abhinav on Amma’s prompting told Appa ‘snaana maaD hogu’. But Appa was busy and said ‘hogalla hogalla hogalla!’, Abhinav style. Then Abhinav explained to Appa… “Appa, hogde idre, spider bandhu… spider bandhu… nin baTTe melella kakka maaDbuDute…”. Appa went to have his bath.

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