At the pre school


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First dunk!

Cave – he told me ”Rakshashana oLage kooDakbuTidini’ (I’ve trapped a demon inside)

Top of the slide…

Long ago I’d written about a kid on a slide… without even remotely imagining at that time that I’d be watching my own son on one some day! Trying to click the moment he just slides off… In photography, Gopal had told me about a rule “If you’ve seen it, you’ve missed it


Too late

ah the zero gravity moment!

Trying to climb the tunnel slide in reverse…

Back on the regular one.


Play area

At the library

Detailed explanation to Appa!

Parent teacher meeting today – 1st one for us as parents! Good meeting – turns out my son isn’t a spoilt brat after all – except for his occasional obsession of pinching other kids cheeks 🙂 He’s started opening up socialising more, being more cooperative, taking more interest in art activities, and actually teases the teachers as well – after returning from an outing to a bakery he told another teacher who hadnt come ‘I didn’t take you at all, I left you behind!’

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