Outings amidst nature


Posted by appa | Posted in outdoors | Posted on 04-08-2009

party time continues outside…

Let me inflate this balloon…

Umm… this isn’t working out…

If you can’t blow it, eat it!

“When you come to a Fork in the road, take it” – Yogi Berra

Lunch time! Give me the other lunch box, he’s asking.

Food always looks better in the other lunch box…

Flowers in the park


Beauty of Nature is everywhere – Don’t forget to look up

Which Ganesha do you like?

This was in a different park – He’s talking to an ant

Conversation continued…


Imitating music from the speakers

Appa is listening to the original as well as remix

Walking path

Just some faces in the crowd

The seats are wet after the rain…

Eye to eye… though we don’t see this way as often as Appa would like to.


Waltzing to the symphony of birds, crickets… and er yeah traffic horns in the distance as well… but we’re thankful for atleast this much of lung space amidst the concrete jungle!

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