story of the monkey and the buffalo – and now tiger


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There is a Jataka tale we tell Abhinav sometimes…

One time lived in some forest region as a wild buffalo-bull of grim appearance, owing to his dark complexion and being dirty with mud. But the Buffalo had quite a calm temperament. One mischevous Monkey however, aware of the buffalo’s calmness, was not afraid and liked nothing more than to tease him. The monkey knew that the Buffalo would be forgiving. The Monkey would climb on the Buffalo and swing from his horns, stand at his feet and keep him from grazing when hungry, ride on his back with a stick in hand, and do all kinds of other mischief.

One day, one day the patient buffalo wandered off and another similar looking one happened to be standing around the same place! The monkey turned up later, without realising it was a different buffalo, and started his antics again. This buffalo was patient too but just a little bit, and after a short while threw the monkey off his back and broke his tail!

So better be careful and not be like the ತುಂಟ ಕೋತಿ (mischevous monkey)!

(In some version on the net, a Yaksha (divine being) asks the Buffalo why he is putting up with all the monkey’s nonsense when he can just kick the monkey’s ass. To which the Buffalo answers that while it is easy to be patient with those who are more powerful, when enduring injuries from the powerless, it is an opportunity to show real patience, however uncomfortable it may be. Then the Yaksha kicks the monkey’s ass!!)

In both the versions the monkey gets it… but here’s a recent video of another mischevous monkey playing with some tigers… and this fellow happens to get away 😉

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Hmmm…. You should consider starting a story exchange page soon.. Kids love stories and adults run out of stories.

Yes, have brought him those story books but one with updated moral stories would be helpfull too.


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