second dip in water


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Longest outing of with Abhinav, without Amma, ever. From 17:00, 3+ hrs. First went swimming, along with Appa’s friends Rashwin and Chaitanya. Appa swam around while he sat at the edge of the pool with his feet in the water (there’s an inner ledge of 1 foot along the inner perimeter of the pool) playing with his toys or explore the surroundings in the club. As its a private pool of the club, not too many people around so Appa and his friends could keep a watch on him, and also of course lifeguards were around as well.

Earlier Appa had asked him if he wanted to enter the water, he’d always say no. Atleast he wasn’t worried about sitting at the edge so Appa would leave him at that. Appa’s policy is to only provide the environment and the opportunity, leaving the choice to Abhinav about when and what he wanted to try out.

Pooling around Posted on 30-01-2010

Today Appa again asked him, do you want to come in, and for the first time he said yes! So off with his tshirt! Appa then held him up, and then got him in water up to his knees. Was watching him closely, he was a bit tense, a bit thrilled. As he went deeper and deeper, and the cool water started gradually wrapped him more and more, he started giggling nervously every now and then. Upto stomach deep and Appa stopped, and gave him a break. Asked him if he liked it. Yes he answered after careful consideration. Then one more phase began, a bit deeper now, upto his chest, with him giggling nervously again. Upto his chest, Appa stopped again – asked again if he liked it. Umm… no he said. Gave him a few moments to reconsider and asked again, he said no, I want to go out. Next moment he was whisked out back to the edge of the pool, and joined by Appa, who immediately dried him thoroughly in the evening sun, clothing him again.

Had been quite thrilling for Appa as well!

Later on Appa went to a restaurant and Abhinav ate some Bhel Puri. Then everyone went to Rashwin’s house, where Abhinav shared some soup and sandwich with Appa, and also ate some dry fruits. Also got some chocolates as a bonus, which he shared with some kids in front of Rashwin’s home after ensuring that he had enough himself of course 😉 His interaction with Rashwin was really good, he was much more free with him now.

Finally went home. It was an evening of no fuss, just fun! 🙂

(The first dip in water had been in a knee deep kiddie swimming pool of hot water that had a small fountain in the center, in Munich, Germany, in 2008)

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