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We like to think that our child is special and all that, but the question is always there: are we giving him the best opportunity, for him to be the best that he can be? Instead of a yes or no answer, leaving the question always open over time, opens up plenty of scope for more fun and creative answers along the way… 🙂

So here is a video from my friend Gowri Kumar, that shows how his boy of 2 years four months is able to recognize words effortlessly. Gowri maintains that he’s just been following a learning technique…

Soham is now able to read/recognize a few english and telugu words. We followed the Glen Doman flash card method and prepared a few flash cards by ourselves and have been showin them to him since pas 4 months. He picked up the words quiet fast and can read them, not only on cards but also when written on white boards, papers etc The age a the time of video is : two years and five months.

Initially I was sceptical, are we not putting in too much of information too early? But after a chat with Gowri, I felt convinced, that children are anyway recognizing images, and when they have the potential for it, why not allow them to tap into it! Also, learning to recognize entire words at first, is more fun then learning to recognize individual alphabets.

He was not enforcing it in the least like some over-ambitious dad. Its quite clear in the video that Sohan is enjoying himself and its a fun activity that is the free choice of Soham. We can notice towards the end of the video, Gowri dosen’t ask him to continue when Sohan gets distracted! 🙂

The book Gowri recommends is HOW To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence – MORE GENTLE REVOLUTI0N by Glenn Doman.

Excerpt from a chat with Gowri…

the activity is for 3 sessions a day and each session is probably only for a maxiumum of 5 minutes
each card to be shown for just 40 secs
and show 5 cards at a time
but if the kid is intersted in it and want more we can show them
and before u start, prepare for 100 words at least
because they grasp quite fast
this all is provided in the book
the third and fourth volue discuss the activities
first and two provide all the basis and dispell myths
brillkids.com has a forum where people discuss about the activities they have done with their kids
and is worthwhile to watch periodically

The author Glen Doman, talks about attention span and learning… “How long does one need to look at a rattle or a toy train? I’d say, the amount of time it takes to learn from it” – fascinating short talk, it may drag a bit, but watch it till the end…

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