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(Thanks to Sridhar for sharing on Facebook)

A follow up comment noted that it was sad that this talent is no more… with a link to the late Ben Underwood’s site, who finally succumbed to cancer at the age of 16.

A description of Human Echolocation…

Human echolocation is the ability of humans to sense objects in their environment by hearing echoes from those objects.This ability is used by some blind people to navigate within their environment. They actively create sounds, such as by tapping their canes or by making clicking noises with their mouths. Human echolocation is similar in principle to active sonar and to the animal echolocation employed by some animals, including bats and dolphins.
By interpreting the sound waves reflected by nearby objects, a person trained to navigate by echolocation can identify the location and sometimes size of nearby objects, and use this information to steer around obstacles and travel from place to place. However, since humans make sounds with much lower frequencies and slower rates, human echolocation can only picture comparatively much larger objects than other echolocating animals.

The kid in this video is the only person in the world who could do this. But this video is more than just about a rare talent.

It is about human potential…

Who knows, this particular kid might not have been able to fully explore his own talent to the extent that he did, without the support, the attention and open-mindedness of his mother. So its a reminder to every parent of the planet of every kind of kid, that with these qualities one is better able to foster any latent talent!

Another important aspect is the value of attention. Note the mother’s comments in the last few moments of the second video.

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Nice article.
I had seen the video long back and Sridhar’s prompted me to look up the whereabouts of Ben.
Ben was not one of his kind though.
You should also look up Daniel Kish. He actually teaches echolocation.


thanks thats a pretty good video and its good to know that the skill is still alive

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