yaaru hitavaru


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This is a nice song by Purandara Daasa: Aaru hitavaru ninage? This questions what is the real benefit for you?

Appa and Amma are optimistic that Abhinav at his own time some day would understand and appreciate this song. Appa´s friend Upendra had explained this song to Appa, though Amma needed no explanation 🙂

Aruhitavaru ninage

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sanjay your relfexes ar super from the last line of girishs post u went to a great composition of sri purandara dasaru. i namma kannada nadu nijavagiyu dhany dasara paramapre sharanara parampare illi anannya. indigu purandara dasaru rachisida kruthigala sankhey labhyavilla
dasarendare purandara dasarayya
yes certainly one day janamari will understand and appreciate this no doubt

great to see your optimism thank you tiger pran! 🙂

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