popular children stories… hmm…


Posted by appa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-08-2009

I was going through a big colorful book on Aesop’s fables recently – and man its really cut throught A rated violence in each and every story. I told one and then the next and then I started leafing through it page after a page reading by myself while my boy got bored and wandered off, and it was nothing but hopeless level of cruelty and some absolutely irrational ‘morals’ at the end of each story, like “a bad turn deserves another” which was among the milder ones!

I just closed it and wondered… considering Aesop’s Fables are so popular, am I having a really crazy opinion here???

Are such stories supposed to expose children to harsh realities of the world and make them street smart?

I was thinking about this just yesterday… and by a bizarre coincidence I see Shruthi’s post that reflects similar ‘insane’ views!

All our mythological tales and Panchatantra and Jataka and even fairy tales have stories of beings eating each other up or hurting or killing or mauling or lying or cheating – I had never realized how much violence there is in children’s tales.

Somehow even if that was true to a certain extent I felt that it was definitely an overdose 😀

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