beyond the barrier


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An icon of what we do in our society of any impressive personality: we glorify him, build a barrier around him, and worship him. This barrier keeps us from really approaching him, knowing him and understanding him and learning from him.

This is what I felt when I saw the barrier around this Vivekananda statue. Just a poetic metaphor, no doubt it this particular situation it served to protect the sanctity.

But it was nice to see him trying to overcome it.

Trying to go beyond the barrier!

In my view, there was nothing harmful he was doing, neither to himself nor to others, he wasn’t even making any noise. I put away my mobile (camera) in my pocket and was just standing there quietly.

But somehow his ‘misbehaviour’ seemed to irk one of the senior people who had come there and was trying to meditate.

His behaviour from an adult I’d understand may be disrespectful. Or even if he was trying to climb the actual statue it wouldn’t be good. But from such a small innocent and curious child only trying to climb the barrier, I don’t know. But then maybe I’m just being a possessive parent… 😉

This gentleman unexpectedly took the liberty of lifting my son and placing him a few foot away from the barrier, giving the irresponsible parent yours truly a brief glare, and then went back trying to meditate again.

From his posture, he seemed to be quite tense and trying to concentrate really hard – a lot of AT-TENSION! So we just left him to himself and went on to explore other areas…

PS: What I wondered later in hindsight was whether he was really able to meditate better after he had eliminated the ‘distraction’ 🙂

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