still a bit of cough


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Was nicely received by Abhinav when I came home.
He still has cough but its better now – frequency is less, still intensity is there. Root cause is yet to be found
out. Doctor suspects bronchitis. Felt terrible when I heard this yesterday but today it seems not to be the end of the world after all – still I hope this is only a wrong suspicion! We’ve given blood test and urine test to lab, results today.


– allergy to something
– maybe he got something from other kids at his pre-school
– fluctuating weather offlate its so cold and windy, maybe he got
exposure to cold wind (though its happened rarely)
– maybe some pollution

Yesterday’s taking of blood sample was fine – he just whimpered a bit
but did not cry out loud like his first blood sample.

The first one had been a nightmare. He was just a few months old. The
male nurse and his assistant had taken him inside a room, and then we
heard him crying out hysterically. Every second was agony for us, and
after around 10 seconds Vijetha went into the room, and found that
that fellow was still trying to locate the vein from his lower arm. Of
course she had brought him out again immediately. For the staff, they
seemed to be sort of amused and indifferent at how over-protective we
seemed to be about our child. In my opinion, such a thing should be
done by a highly skilled person in a better way.

We voiced this to some officer in a nearby cabinet (assuming he was a
higher authority), who arranged for a lady nurse – she did it in a
relatively much more effortless way, from the top of his wrist. Anyway all that is a flashback.

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