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Celebrating his second birthday.

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Actually it all had started off as a disaster we were feeling so bad about low turn out of crowd compared to what we expected. Hardly around 20 to 30 initially when we thought atleast 100 would be there. After all it was on a Sunday and I too in their place might have low-priotised what seemed to be a kiddie party compared to whatever other Sunday plans (usually in India its typically wake up late and watch TV!). But the professional comedian magician Gururaja warmed things up with his game show. He was excellent in generating energy and laughter – and though it was not a magic show I think it was like watching real magic, of a bored crowd just waiting to get on with it, transformed into an enthusiastic cheering one!

One of the main ideas for roping in kids from Samarthanam was actually to use this as a chance for them to mingle with mainstream society. But though they had arrived to participate in the program, we had forgotten about them and they were just sitting in their dressing room and waiting. Vijetha went to the room to check on them, and dragged them out to join the fun! It was just beautiful the way Gururaj made them play a game as well, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we were all laughing together this was much better now!

Later on more people had trickled in and the game show ended. But it had really sparked off the mood, and the next item was the dance by kids from Samarthanam.

Their barathnatyam dance was simply incredible. They were each holding a lit dipa in their palms. Going by their perfect coordination, nobody could really fanthom that they are blind! Also the way they synchronised and coordinated according to available space. They just initially had been shown the perimeter once to know the dimensions, and they received a resounding round of applause.

Next was a Kannada song by another girl from Samarthanam. It was really touching – a crystal clear melodious tone. It was time for lunch but we cautiously asked the crowd if they’d like another song, but demand was there so there was a second Hindi song as well!

They left soon after but for the rest of the afternoon so many people came to us later on and had so many strong feelings to express about their performance. They wanted to help us help them in any way, but we directed them to the organisation directly instead.

Somehow it hit me that even if I had been rich enough to do this whole thing in Leela Palace, hiring some filmstars to visit and had a huge crowd – apart from impressing people, maybe making it a good memory – it wouldn’t really have mattered to anybody. This kind of something that really matters or that touches people’s heart is so priceless – money simply cannot buy it.

I believe everybody is priviledged in their own way, it may just appear that some are more privileged than others but only on the surface level, so nothing like under or over privileged in my book 🙂 Felt very priviledged and grateful to the Samarthanam kids that they had come to our modest function. Earlier we had come to know that due to excessive powercuts nowadays they struggle a lot, and we had wanted to announce that anybody to co-sponsor a power backup for them could come forward. But it had got missed out and we never did it – still I felt I myself could contribute to this myself somehow in the coming days.

Helping, fixing and serving are three fundamental ways of seeing life.  When we help, we use our own strength to support someone with less strength; we see life as weak and our offerings are rooted in a sense of inequality.  When we fix, we have pre-judged idea of delivering a solution and that judgement creates a separation.  When we serve, though, we work with the understanding that another’s suffering is our own and that when we heal others, we are healing ourselves; we see life as whole, without demarcations between giver and receiver. ~ The Gap Between Service and Being the Change?

At the end of the day there was immense satifaction about the whole event. One thing that dawned on me is that this is the first kind of project our family has worked on together – Amma, Kamalamma, Vijetha and myself (of course lots of others also including Adarsha and Anand etc)  But we four really worked together so well – each of us esp the 3 girls (of course) put so much effort and contributed so much into it that WE did it! So it was a great experience for us in this aspect as well. It definitely brought us all much closer together – I think we have learnt some things and our next project whenever it happens is definitely going to be much better! 🙂

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It is commendable job by the family. gr8 gesture in making a effort to bring the not so lucky children to join the mainstream. I was not lucky to be there full time due to some urgent work. People talk about change and do things but here are people who do it and show. kudos to sanjya, vijetha, and whole of their families and ofcourse the force behind the entire show master abhinav
videos are not to be seen sanjay put them shorter version so that we can see

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