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This was when I was in Munich. An excerpt below. Marienplatz is the beautiful old part of the city, in the center in Munich.

me: good evening we had a nice evening in marienplatz
02:14 very beautiful weather in the night and it was well lit up ideal for a night stroll 🙂
Customer: I do not wanna disturb you, yes i have got 35% of it right now, not more.
02:15 me: oh its no distrbance our night is just beginning with abhinav running around the place
02:16 Customer: Well, his world seems to be (your) and (your wifes) night. Try to relax a bit.
02:17 heh heh yeah
im already relaxed anyway 🙂
me: but my son is keeping me occupied so ill be on and off
02:31 Customer: frankly spoken, it is – in a way – good that he is able to do so.
me: oh is it
Customer: Enjoy this time – though it might be heavy -.
02:34 me: oh heavy maybe tough
02:35 Customer: yes – i acknowledge that fulfilling is not easy, on my own results.
me: oh dont worry Im multiplexing with my son and wife and comp
right now hes with her soon Ill take over adn tell him a story
02:47 each line of the story i myself wont know till i tell it 😉
02:48 Customer: I am sure that it just the right story in that moment for him, when you tell.
02:52 btw, there is a well know chess learning software, that was recognized very well. My daughter and i (again) have had much fun. The name is “Fritz und Fertig” (part I, II, III). It packs the game into a whole complete story, to make them curious. On the third level it is challenging, at least for me.
02:53 me: today he didnt want to hear it he prefers to play with the pressure cooker
cool sounds interesting!
02:54 ok he jammed his finger with the lid and is done with it now time for my 2nd attempt
Customer: sure – but in the longer run it maybe of interest, the company behind it is a german one, – they also sell shredder i think.
03:03 tan tu ta
thats how my son says computer 🙂
Customer: G R E A T !
03:09 Customer: good night Sanjay.
03:34 me: Guten Nacht finally he fell asleep Im back at the comp
03:35 Customer: Good. I think the faster the comp is… the faster it’ ll shut down…
03:37 me: heh heh heh

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