a new companion


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Since a long time Abhinav has been asking when will October come? But our new friend didn’t seem to be bothered about the calendar month! Who decides whether its 2 months earlier, or a few days later than the expected date? Is it due to the mother’s psychological or physical conditions? Or is it a decision initiated by some mysterious biological trigger within the baby?

Expected arrival was in the first week of October, but as Abhinav said “It’s October today!”

In the morning, Vijetha had a bit of pain at around 7 am. Now I’m NOT an early morning person, and for a moment I half-wished she’d just get back to sleep! But the next moment I was all up and mildly panicky. We suspected that it might be a false warning and she even hesitated to call the doctor for a while. Then when the pain persisted every half an hour for a minute, we called up the doctor and explained it to him. She seemed to be perfectly normal, and then suddenly have this intense pain for a few moments, and then get back to normal again.

The doctor asked us to come to the hospital at 9 AM. But as frequency and intensity kept gradually increasing, we freshened up and were there around 8:30 AM. The baby was out at 9:18 am and by 9:40 or so we were relaxing at our ward.
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office work


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Today on the way to school he was just lying down on the back seat quietly, I asked him “what if I just forgot about you and took you to my office”

He replied “then I’ll work there”

I laughed…

After a pause, he added…

“avaga duDDella nanage kotbuDtaare, yenmaaDtiya??!!” “Then they’ll give me all the money, what will you do??!”

This I hadn’t expected 🙂

writing s d r a w k c a b


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He often writes backwards, he seems to be more comfortable with it. We found some explanation from the good old net that matched what we’ve been thinking… (emphasis mine)
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Dreaming in school


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Hmm like appa

a baby friend


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He was really sweet

the fourth trip around the sun


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Considering that Laliamma was going off to the US, Abhinav’s Appa and Amma were in no mood to have any kind of birthday party and had decided to just have a small get-together at home itself with family members and a few neighboring kids. Then Appa thought well we might as well call this one more friend, and that one more family, and so on and since we can use the terrace for free we might as well have it there instead of at home as it would be more spacious… and so on…

Eventually, it turned out to be a slightly bigger gathering, with some kids (and their parents) finally invited at the last moment!
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The lemon tart


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Appa and Abhinav were at a bakery, Abhinav wanted ice cream but settled for a lemon tart which looked just like an ice cream. they both sat on the stone bench and Abhinav loved the tart. Abhinav, asked appa – do you know you can eat the cup as well? appa played along, exclaiming “is it?? it looked like paper!!” and so on

Abhinav asked “appa, you know it’s an edible biscuit, right ?”

Appa was surprised. “yes, I was just joking along with you” he replied.

few moments of silence.

“drama king” Abhinav exclaimed loudly.

Appa burst into laughter, so much that a couple of neighboring girls paused their gossip ing to stare curiously at this man and this kid.

musical laughter


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If laughter is the best medicine, see if you can be serious while listening to this…


birthday song for appa


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Recommended headphones or good speakers to hear the details! (if not anything else, atleast turn up the volume 🙂 )

Song originally recorded the night before Appa’s birthday, edited and uploaded today.


am I so little?


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Was carrying him down the parking lot when we paused next to the convex mirror that showed our reflection and the entire background in a panaromic view.

“ishteisht idina naanu?!” he exclaimed!