short video clip


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This video of thangi-paapa was made by Abhinav, who has a lot of interest in photography and off late in videography as well 🙂 Since his infancy, I’ve never hesitated too much in allowing him to handle any hi-tech equipment. On his part, he’s well reciprocated my trust and hasn’t damaged anything. Only once he dropped my mobile so far, and that ended up fixing a key that hadn’t been working earlier!! :mrgreen: He’s quite dextrous in picking up the usage of any new device now. Sometimes people are so afraid to let children handle anything, so he’s one bit of evidence that its not such a bad idea after all! 😉

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thangi paapa at 2 weeks


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She’s sleeping most of the time. In the first week, we were worried about whether it was a bit too much. She would just open her eyes enough to feed a little bit, and then doze off even before completing the feed. Sometimes the milk would run out of her nose and mouth because she’d fall asleep before even swallowing properly! We were a bit worried at first, and later found on the net that its a normal thing after all with many babies. The lactation classes in the maternity hospital proved to be quite helpful actually. One of the techniques is to wake up the baby* and ensure she feeds completely before dozing off, since otherwise it could affect her eating habits and health.
* by gently tapping on the soles of her feet 🙂

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an affectionate brother


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He proved to be a very affectionate, caring, sensitive and trusting brother, a lot more than we’d anticipated.

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objects in the rear view mirror


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Water effects inside a car during/after rain is nice! 🙂

more elaborate drawings…


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Nowadays son’s started more complex drawings – here he drew a heart (which I’d taught as an m + a V) then he added petals to it.

[Radhiakka: why is the heart not smiling big??]
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youtube operator


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Advantages of dual monitor 🙂

Advantages of dual monitor 🙂 I’ve used the “Extend Display” option.

There was an old photo of him when he was a little baby when we was sitting on my lap watching my comp! Now he operates his own youtube cartoons!

Initially I was wondering if he’d get addicted to this, but still didn’t restrict him too much. Esp he was obsessive about the games on the ipad2! Now, as I ‘d hoped, he just has interest occasionally and has not got particularly addicted to anything. By the time I typed in the comments, he’s already off youtube onto a notebook, and finished a page full of cartoons and got onto the next page already 🙂

Today we spent a lot of quality time together playing and laughing and roaming around in the car along with Anand and Sharat. I also got him coconut ice-cream at Naturals in Malleswaram (the flavors and quality they have there are just amazing!) followed by a burger at McDonalds and a sun-dried tomato soup at Cafe Pascucci (though I ended up having most of the soup).

No wonder he opted to come with me instead of staying at his granny’s house tonight 😉 So its just the two of us at home. I plan to take him swimming tomorrow hopefully if its sunny enough in the morning, before dropping him off home and heading to work.



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Most complex I’ve seen from him so far