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This whole process allowed me to really learn the very practical application of meditation. One thing is the total unpreparedness of natural events. Actually the delivery was due a week or so later. When Vijetha started to develop labor pain early in the morning (well, around 7 AM… ok not THAT early!), I wanted to say “I’m not really ready today, let me relax for some time and then lets go to the hospital” But of course that nonsense totally does not work! Natural events, whether it is birth or death, do not wait for our whims and fancies or planning! “Chance favors the prepared mind” said a scientist Louis Pasteur – and how we fare when we are tested, is totally dependent on our preparation when situations had been conducive earlier.

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Abhinav and his thangi paapa


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Quotes from Abhinav on thangi (little sister) paapa (baby):

One of our neighbors visited the hospital, it seems Abhinav ran to her announcing to the whole floor “My baby came out! My baby came out!!”
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a new companion


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Since a long time Abhinav has been asking when will October come? But our new friend didn’t seem to be bothered about the calendar month! Who decides whether its 2 months earlier, or a few days later than the expected date? Is it due to the mother’s psychological or physical conditions? Or is it a decision initiated by some mysterious biological trigger within the baby?

Expected arrival was in the first week of October, but as Abhinav said “It’s October today!”

In the morning, Vijetha had a bit of pain at around 7 am. Now I’m NOT an early morning person, and for a moment I half-wished she’d just get back to sleep! But the next moment I was all up and mildly panicky. We suspected that it might be a false warning and she even hesitated to call the doctor for a while. Then when the pain persisted every half an hour for a minute, we called up the doctor and explained it to him. She seemed to be perfectly normal, and then suddenly have this intense pain for a few moments, and then get back to normal again.

The doctor asked us to come to the hospital at 9 AM. But as frequency and intensity kept gradually increasing, we freshened up and were there around 8:30 AM. The baby was out at 9:18 am and by 9:40 or so we were relaxing at our ward.
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office work


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Today on the way to school he was just lying down on the back seat quietly, I asked him “what if I just forgot about you and took you to my office”

He replied “then I’ll work there”

I laughed…

After a pause, he added…

“avaga duDDella nanage kotbuDtaare, yenmaaDtiya??!!” “Then they’ll give me all the money, what will you do??!”

This I hadn’t expected 🙂

writing s d r a w k c a b


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He often writes backwards, he seems to be more comfortable with it. We found some explanation from the good old net that matched what we’ve been thinking… (emphasis mine)
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