The lemon tart


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Appa and Abhinav were at a bakery, Abhinav wanted ice cream but settled for a lemon tart which looked just like an ice cream. they both sat on the stone bench and Abhinav loved the tart. Abhinav, asked appa – do you know you can eat the cup as well? appa played along, exclaiming “is it?? it looked like paper!!” and so on

Abhinav asked “appa, you know it’s an edible biscuit, right ?”

Appa was surprised. “yes, I was just joking along with you” he replied.

few moments of silence.

“drama king” Abhinav exclaimed loudly.

Appa burst into laughter, so much that a couple of neighboring girls paused their gossip ing to stare curiously at this man and this kid.

musical laughter


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If laughter is the best medicine, see if you can be serious while listening to this…


birthday song for appa


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Recommended headphones or good speakers to hear the details! (if not anything else, atleast turn up the volume 🙂 )

Song originally recorded the night before Appa’s birthday, edited and uploaded today.


am I so little?


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Was carrying him down the parking lot when we paused next to the convex mirror that showed our reflection and the entire background in a panaromic view.

“ishteisht idina naanu?!” he exclaimed!

staircase to the clouds


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Me: Today’s a beautiful Sunday, what shall we do?

Son: Its time build a staircase to the clouds.

Me: Ok so lets start with a model – here are some building blocks.

Then he created a staircase but it didn’t stand much of a test, so a joint collaboration where both of us learnt the importance of supporting pillars for stability, resulted in an improved model…



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I’m back

a letter by a mom to her 4 year old daughter


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I wondered whether to put ‘beautiful letter’, ‘insightful letter’, ‘wonderful letter’, but finally gave up because no adjective would really do it justice 🙂

how much blood


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Son got a small pinprick cut today on his finger…

He’d squeeze his finger to see a tiny droplet of blood. After a few minutes, it had clotted.

When he squeezed again no more blood came out, he asked “has all my blood run out?”

amma song


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The first song we recorded, a spontaneous one with some music added…earlier one…


Lyrics: Abhinav
Music: 99% composition Sanjay, 1% inspiration Vijetha

“Amma, I like you,
I want to
be with you
onlee – ee – ee – ee – ee – ee”