The Great Lalula! theater show for 2+ year olds


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The Great Lalula The Great Lalula – Plays
AHA! International Theatre Festival– 1 Sep 200910:00am, 5:00pm & 7:00pm [3 shows]

Age group: Strictly 20 months to 3 years [Entry: 1 Adult + 1 Child, 1+1] Imagine bringing your 20-month young into a theatre only to find a party is being organized – a party for children! And then a lady comes on stage and begins to entertain your children with song and dance, all in a language that only children understand! This would be your experience should you watch “The Great Lalula”. Schnaawl Theatre’s charming production is based on Christian Morgenstern’s 100 year old gibberish poem. Except that it isn’t nonsense to a 2 year old, rather it sounds like the wordplays a 2 year old would make. Thus Lalula is an ode to love, food, music, colours and forms. A mesmerizing world where words skip and dance, move, laugh, jabber, murmur, rustle, rhyme and sing. A world of games between language and silence. Visual artist Jörg Fischer and actor Jule Kracht discover the universe of The Great Lalula. It’s a world that’s always disappearing and being reborn again. Lalula is a celebration of the moment.
Language: Gibberish
Duration: 50 mins

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