meet the animal – Zebra


Posted by appa | Posted in activities | Posted on 20-08-2009

Abhinav’s been getting increasingly interested in all kinds of animals, has been learning to identify them. Amma had an idea – we come up with stories for each animal to explain its characteristic.

Just any wild meaningless funny story. He’s more or less shown common sense and sense of humor to differentiate stories from facts – so just any story will do.

Today’s animal is Zebra.

Appa will keep it in mind and come up with some story by bedtime – a few hours (or maybe few more hours…) from now.

Any ideas?

(will later update this post with our story)

simulating power cut


Posted by appa | Posted in sleep | Posted on 20-08-2009

This fellow has an obsession with keeping the light at night – yeah even if its close to midnight. Not even a small zero bulb will do, it has to be the bright energy saving coiled tubelight.

One might think he’s got some phobia of darkness of something but no he’s just playing around!

Apart from it being an annoyance to poor Appa trying to sleep (Amma can manage even with it) – it also causes him to stay awake for much longer (and so much for Amma’s sleep). So Appa had this ‘bright’ idea one night…

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