role playing game


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One of the games we really like is telling a short story, and then enacting it in a drama. Current one is little Krishna’s story of him quietly eating all the butter, and mother Yashodha getting angry and tying him up.

Another one is him holding up Govardhana Hill in the heavy rain protecting all the cows (and everyone else). But oops here the ‘mountain’ (made of clay) fell down…

Alan Watts: education and life targets


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Alan Watts reflects that “in music, one does not make the end of the composition, the point of the composition.”

Related to music – a really motivating and interesting talk on music in particular. But this is one video I hope you’ve simply got to take time to watch! Make time for this, bookmark it, and watch it at leisure – its 20 minutes.

When he asks to think of someone I admired a lot and have lost, I thought of my grandpa Tata. (I had a lot of flashbacks of great times I’ve had with him). If you watch the video you’ll know what I mean. Don’t stop watching till the very end – its really touching.