how to feed him


Posted by appa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-02-2009

After what to name him, sooner or later came the next inevitable question how to feed him. And answering this question requires all the patience, creativity, imagination, energy that we can muster, and then some more! Our boy had no problems eating initially… but over time he just refused to eat… anything… He’d just play happily and run around and be active all day, anything but eat!

It was a real challenge as after a year or so, he simply stopped gaining any more weight and remains around the 8.5 kg that he had more or less been around 6 months ago, though the average is supposed to be around 10. The doctors assured us that as long as he’s active its fine but then its not too good to see him like some emanciated famine victim.

Anyway, here we will list in commments all the different ideas that we’ve tried to get hm to download atleast a few bites of food into his stomach as and when we recollect them (or come across any new ones).

Ideally we would like him to eat consciously and enjoy his meal. But it turns out that even the food that appeals to what appears to be a highly specialised kind of taste, he eats only a couple of spoons and says enough. So to get him to eat, its actually came down to kind of fooling him by getting him engrossed in something else and then feeding him in the background. So I guess most of the ideas to feed him would be about how to get him to be so engrossed that he isn’t noticing that he’s eating!

Most such ideas stop working after a while and then a new one, sometimes old ones can be recycled 🙂

We are hoping that we will soon be able to cultivate better eating habits as soon as he grows older, and he can start eating more comfortably and consciously!