assault on innocent victim's laptop


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In retrospect, it was no doubt a carefully plotted disaster. But to begin from the beginning, the assailant gradually approached unsuspecting owner who was sitting on the sofa with the laptop, engrossed in, no doubt affairs of world-saving importance. Ok actually he was video conferencing with his sister who lived at the other end of the city, so almost world-saving maybe. The assailant silently slipped in next to him. Suddenly there was a pfffft sound and there was water he had secretly stored in his mouth to spit all over the keyboard! The victim’s wife was at the scene of the crime within seconds, with a cloth to try and revoke the damage. The victim was in an immobilised state of shock for a few seconds and once comprehension dawned, took over the recovery process of trying to dry the laptop. He immediately shut it down… his understanding sister had understood already and had already signed off from the call. The assailant’s triumphant shreik of laughter was soon lost in the brief spanking that the victim’s wife gave him on his wrist (though of course the victim esp at that point believed he deserved much more). The assailant was observed to have felt a full four seconds of remorse, before it looked like he was up to whatever next item he might have on his agenda.

The victim, meanwhile, was taking no chances and rushed to his office room where he shouldn’t have budged his precious laptop from in the first place (hindsight is 20 20 they say, this is probably why.) He put the ceiling fan at the highest speed and kept the laptop under it, while hoping that the keyboard was spill proof. Later on, after recovering from this incident himself, he warily switched on his laptop again. It did boot and everything seemed quite ok, but the hard disk seemed to be making some eerie noises. Maybe it was because the victim had kept his ear 2 mm away listening more intently than he had ever listened to since he had procured the equipment some six months ago. Nevertheless, he shut it down again and deciding not to touch it till the next morning.

The victim’s wife later reported that she had seen the evil glint in the assailant’s eyes and she could see the whole thing coming and would’ve stopped him had he committed the crime a few seconds later. That was really helpful, and the victim thanked her very much.

There was speculation about whether the assailant had been communicating with his second cousin in Australia, who had been experienced in such matters, especially in having stuffed a few chapathis down his Dad’s CD ROM Drive a few years ago.

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The Lenovo survives

This round was won yet again by the Lenovo. It isn’t the first. Earlier attempts were made with some hammering on the keyboard and once a toy was thrown at the screen – all these attempts had been diverted somehow. So far so good. Security measures have been beefed up after the latest foiled bid, and the assailant has been threatened with dire consequences that he’ll not be able to see his favorite Animals slideshow again.

Today there was a splash and my wife found my cell phone in the bucket of water used for mopping the floor! While we were still reeling from the surprise and applying first aid trying to revive the almost drowned phone (though display seemed to be ok) it was followed by another splash – and this time the remote control… Now both of them are drying out…

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