art tutor for a day


Posted by appa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 10-01-2009

Very unexpectedly, I ended up teaching a couple of neighborhood kids how to paint. Here are some of the ideas.

Assumed that there is already an initial outline picture on the paper which is to be filled in…

  • only the tip of the paintbrush should be dipped in paint, not the entire brush.
  • first paint the outline very carefully and neatly, making sure not even a single drop of paint comes outside, and then paint the interior gradually
  • use only strokes in the same direction as much as possible
  • wait for a coat to dry before applying a second coat
  • clean the brush thoroughly after use
  • its good to buy a coloring book which has empty outlines where the child can paint inside. But its can also be fun to actually ask him what he wants to draw, draw the outline for him on the spot, and then he paints it.

[optional reading] Background trigger… series of unrelated events…

I was recently watching What Dreams May Come had seen it earlier once long ago, but watching it again the dialogues and story was more rivetting than ever, and the main point related to this post is that there’s a LOT of painting involved in this movie…

Was browsing through the very colorful Jana’s Journal and appreciating the lovely pictures there…

And recently was writing to my Mukthabalaga friends on a nice activity at home – my wife gives my son a watercolor paintbox and paintbrush, and then sits with him somewhat nonobstrusively, aiding him to just experiment with colors.

So recently a couple of neighbouring kids were playing at home with Abhinav, and they started using his paint set and I was passing by and was really aghast looking at them scrubbing the paper like they were using a toilet brush to remove a stain. I had to stop myself from shouting “NOooo Noooo nOOOO…” :mrgreen: So sat down with them, and started explaining how to paint. As I started, I started recollecting more and more how I used to really enjoy painting during my school days – and it was a really nice time 😎