what to name him


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Thanks a ton – to everyone – who suggested names for my son! Well that almost sounded like poetry, but I guess Robert Frost dosen’t really have to worry about competition :mrgreen:

That everything is changing – that “The only thing constant is change” – is a well known but most easily forgotten fact.

The most powerful implication of not just understanding, but digesting and internalising this – is that: EVERY MOMENT IS NEW

Even with just the little bit that Sanjay somehow seems to have at times managed to do, one thing is clear. That the Sanjay of the previous moment – inspite of all his most precious posessions or regrets or fond memories – is gone. Whatever he knew of love is already old and outdated.

And that this is a new moment. He’s born again – and he can reinvent himself from scratch. Into a world of infinite possibilities – limitless potential! Life – the good, bad and ugly of it – is always new and fresh. He can always learn to love again, maybe a little more sincerely than before!

He and his wife quite like the name Abhinav for their son. A name that simply means NEW.

Something that that happens to be a reminder of these simple, yet most easy to take for granted ideas – to stay new, young, always a student 😎

araLuva hoova

PS: Btw another plus point he found after the decision, was that “Abhinav” had a lower number of google results compared to several other shortlisted names so is relatively more unique 😉

One of the readers recommended building a site for him like this article says… Tots getting Internet identity at birth. But for now I’d rather let Abhinav just create his own space if he ever wants to 😛